Bachelor – Thesis

Optimization of a 2D magneto-optical trap as a source for cold Lithium

  • Task: We use a 2D magneto-optical trap (MOT) as source for cold Lithium. Therefore, we need to maximise the number of cold Lithium atoms in the MOT. By variation in detunings and the intensity of the different MOT-Beams the atom density can be optimized.
  • Field of study: lasers, optics, electronics, vacuum system
  • Contact: Gregor Schwendler (grschwen[a]

Laser intensity stabilization for Lithium spectroscopy

  • Task: For the spectroscopy of a cold Lithium beam emitted by a 2D MOT we need a low intensity laser beam, which needs to be stable in frequency and intensity. 
  • Field of study: lasers, optics, electronics, acousto-optics
  • Contact: Gregor Schwendler (grschwen[a]

Setup of a beat-offset-lock scheme to stabilize a laser to a reference 

  • Task: Build an external cavity diode laser (ECDL) and stabilize it to another laser by using a beat-offset-locking scheme.
  • Field of study: lasers, optics, electronics
  • Contact: Marcel Willig (marcel.willig[a] or Gregor Schwendler (grschwen[a]


Building an automatic steering system for laser beams

  • Task: Build and program a steering system to automatically couple a laser beam into an optical fiber with maximum efficiency.
  • Field of study: lasers, optics, electronics, programming
  • Contact: Marcel Willig (marcel.willig[a] or Gregor Schwendler (grschwen[a]

Laser intensity stabilization (lithium spectroscopy and/or optical reference cavity)

  • Task: Build a ready-to-use electro-optical system to compensate and stabilize intensity changes – to be embedded in an existing frequency stabilization setup and/or a lithium 2D MOT spectroscopy setup.
  • Field of study: lasers, signal processing, control systems, electronics
  • Contact: Hendrik Schürg (h.schuerg[a] or Gregor Schwendler (grschwen[a]


High-efficiency hydrogen dissociator

  • Task: Systematic study and optimization of control parameters and stability of hydrogen dissociation in a microwave discharge tube.
  • Field of study: vacuum technology, radiofrequency electronics, plasma physics, detector physics
  • Contact: Merten Heppener (meheppen[a] or Hendrik Schürg (h.schuerg[a]


Isolation of an optical reference cavity system

  • Task: Based on characterization of the current (unshielded) optical reference system for laser frequency stabilization, design and construct a portable temperature-stabilized isolation box.
  • Field of study: laser frequency stabilization, mechanical engineering, simulation
  • Contact: Hendrik Schürg (h.schuerg[a]


Helical resonator hydrogen discharge

  • Task: Design, building and testing of a high-stability radiofrequency helical resonator to generate a hydrogen discharge.
  • Field of study: radiofrequency electronics, simulation
  • Contact: Hendrik Schürg (h.schuerg[a]


Hydrogen Discharge @ T-Rex

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