Bachelor – Thesis

Setup of a Beat-Offset-Lock scheme to stabilize a Laser to a reference 

  • Task: Build an External Cavity Diode Laser (ECDL) and stabilize it to another Laser by using a Beat-Offset-Locking scheme.
  • Field of Study: lasers, optics, electronics
  • Contact: Marcel Willig ( or Gregor Schwendler (


Building an automatic Steering System for Laser Beams

  • Task: Build and program a Steering System to automatically couple a laser beam into an optical fiber with maximum efficiency.
  • Field of Study: lasers, optics, electronics, programming
  • Contact: Marcel Willig ( or Gregor Schwendler (


Particle track simulation of H-atoms with Molflow @T-Rex

  • Task: building a particle flow simulation of H-atoms in a magnetic field configuration and apertures
  • Field of Study: simulation, magnetic fields, atom/b-field interaction
  • Contact: Jan Haack (jahaack[a]

3d liniear motor stage with hall-probe

  • Task: design and build a 3-axis motor stage to move around a hall-probe on a 3d-grid
  • Field of Study: programming, magnetic fields, hard skills
  • Contact: Jan Haack (jahaack[a]
Hydrogen Discharge @ T-Rex

If you have an own idea for a project in mind that you would like to do in our group, please feel free to contact us.