Ex-5a WS 22/23

Experimental Physics 5a - Atomic, Molecular and Quantum Physics


The lecture is in person, Lorentzraum (vorderer Kreuzbau 05-127, 5th floor).
It will simultaneously be broadcast via zoom, recorded and uploaded to Panopto.

We'll mainly follow Foot, Atomic Physics. Here you can also find the first 5 Chapters.
Other good books include
van der Straaten, Metcalf: "Atoms and Molecules interacting with light" and
Hertel, Schulz, Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics 1 and Volume 2
Friedrich, Theoretical Atomic Physics
(the German versions are available via the UB, the English ones via the Springer links above)


Zoom links:

Lecture movies are available on Panopto
(it takes approx. 1/2 hour of processing before an uploaded video can be viewed)

Lecture PDFs:

26.10.22   Welcome
27.10.22   Proton Radius
An article in Scientific American and the original Nature paper
Reading assignment: Foot, chapter 1 and 2.1

02.11.22   Lecture notes: Bohr, reduced mass, Zeeman experiment
03.11.22   Lecture notes: X-ray spectra
Reading addignment: Foot chapter 2, the rest, and , Friedrich Section 2.1.3. on the Dirac Equation

09.11.22   Q&A
.                Exercise 1
10.11.22   Angular momenta and their z-component
.               The Dirac Equation
Reading assignment: Foot chapter 3: Helium

16/17.11.22   Helium
.                Exercise 2
Reading assignment: Foot chapter 4: The alkali atoms

23.11.22   Alkali atoms
24.11.22   Clebsch-Gordan coefficients and Multielectron atoms
Reading assignment: Foot chapter 5: LS-coupling

30.11.22   Hund's rules
01.12.22   Zeeman effect
Reading assignment: Foot chapter 6: Hyperfine structure and isotope shift
Paper for Fig. 6.11 (Cd HFS): Lewis 1977

07.12.22  Quantum numbers
08.12.22  Hyperfine structure
09.12.22: Reading assignment: Foot 7.1 - 7.4: Interaction of atoms with radiation until Ramsey fringes

14.12.22   Light-atom interaction, OBE #1
15.12.22   Light-atom interaction, OBE #2
16.12.22: Reading assignment: Foot 7.5 - 7.9: Interaction of atoms with radiation, the rest

22.12.22   OBEs and The Bloch sphere

23.12.22: Reading assignment: Foot chapter 8: Doppler-free laser spectroscopy
(for the lectures on Jan 11, 12)

11.01.23  Doppler-free laser spectroscopy
12.01.23  Saturated absorption spectroscopy  and  Frequency combs
.    The   Movie of Hänsch's Nobel lecture!!

13.01.23: Reading assignment: Foot 9.1-9.4, 9.7: Laser cooling and trapping
.             Laser cooling and trapping

19.01.23  For the remainder of the semester we will cover topics in
Hertel Schulz, Vol 2: Chapter 3, Diatomic Molecules. (see LMS, Supplementary Material)

25.1.23  Intro to molecular physics
26.1.23   LCAO, H2+, H2

8.2.23   Zeeman and HFS, revisited
9.2.23   Re sheet 5/3, why L+S=even: This has to do with the requirement that the total WF has to be antisymmetric. A nice explanation can be found here

In particular, see the section starting with "equivalent electrons"


You can also have a look at last year's Lecture notes:
26 Jan 22: Intro molecular physics (incl. some things from 27 Jan)
27 Jan 22:  Born-Oppenheimer;       H2+ ion and LCAO;      H2 molecule
02 Feb 22: spectroscopic Notation     ;    Rotations
03 Feb 22: Vibrations ; Frank-Condon principle