SoSe 23: Photonics

Photonics (Q-Ex-2)  Summer 23



The lecture is in person, HS KPH (nuclear physics bldg), Tues + Thur 12:15 - 13:45.

It will simultaneously be broadcast via zoom, recorded and uploaded to Panopto.

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* The book of Foot, Atomic Physics is a quite nice introduction in some of the basic concepts of light-atom interaction. You find the first 5 Chapters in this link.
Other good books on atomic physics and atom-light interaction are for example
* van der Straaten, Metcalf: "Atoms and Molecules interacting with light" and
* Hertel, Schulz, Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics 1 and Volume 2. This Vol. 2 has some nice chapters about stuff we'll learn.
* A.E. Siegman "Lasers" is a really good book on the topic. Very comprehensive.
* Demtröder has 2 good books on laser spectroscopy, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 are available as German ebook
from the library.
* Roberd Boyd, "Nonlinear Optics" covers exactly this. English Ebook at UB


Lecture PDFs

18 Apr 23: Intro
20 Apr 23: Proton Radius
25 Apr 23: Very quick recap: Schrödinger Equation
27 Apr 23: Einstein A&B coefficients;      Light-atom-interaction pt. 1
02 May 23: Density matrix  ;  Optical Bloch equations (with sign errors)
04 May 23: OBEs (correct, a la Ch. 6 in van der Straaten, Metcalf:
.                             "Atoms and Molecules interacting with light" )
.                  Line shape and scattering rate

Homework: Write a (Python / Mathematica) program to solve the OBEs for a 2-level system interacting with light. Reproduce Figures 6.1 and 6.2 in van der Straten & Metcalf.

09 May 23: Laser
11 May 23: Coatings
16 May 23: Polarization ; Lyot filter

Homework: Write a (Python / Mathematica) program to calculate a mutilayer dielectric coating.
Given a set of layer materials and thicknesses, and the wavelength and angle of incoming light, calculate the refected and transmitted fraction by summing up the various electric fields. Use the Sellmeier constants to evaluate the refrective index as a function of wavelength.

23 May 23: Paraxial rays, Gaussian beams and ABCD Matrix
.                  Paper on our funny target cavity for muonic atom laser spectroscopy.
.                  Paper on muonic hydrogen spectroscopy and the proton radius, and
.                  the new muonic 3-He paper

Homework: Write a program for Gaussian beam propagation using ABCD matrices. Python has a bunch of libraries for this. The program should calculate and visualize the Gaussian beam waist while it traverses a set of optical elements.

20 May 23:  Laser Locking Intro
1 Jun 23:     Pound-Drever-Hall Lock           PDH Paper
.                   more laser types                       Diode laser paper


Meeting point: 12:15 vorderer Kreuzbau, 2nd Floor at the Elevators!

13 Jun 23:     Frequency measurements
15 Jun 23:     Dye lasers
20-27 Jun:     Non-linear optics part 1    part 2     part 3      part 4

Homework: Use the SNLO program to calculate effciencies and phase matching angle for SHG of 1064nm in LBO, DFG in PPLiN, etc.

29 Jun 23:     AOM+EOM
4 Jul 23:        Light polarization and Jones calculus
6 Jul 23:        Doppler shift and nonlinear spectroscopy